2 May 2012

comedy show?

This morning I was (finally) washing the dishes - painting is far more important to me than housework, but there comes a time when I can't paint because my surroundings are tooooo disorganised.  Anyway, this morning I was also keeping an eye on my computer in case there was an email from NZ, so it was wash a few dishes, sing a few lines of a song, and check the computer.  The house was wide open, the day gorgeous, and no doubt the cd playing was floating out the window too.

I was at the computer and I saw a shadow cross the sink, a large and moving shadow.  It had to be someone wanting to peek in my window from the fountain up above.  I went outside, and called to the friend who admitted trying to see into my kitchen to see if I was there.  Friends were waiting to catch the little bus to the market.

Later, from up in my studio, I heard the little bus stop.  This time I peeked out, in fact leaned out on the balcony  rail carefully avoiding the pigeon poo on the marble deck and called out to them.  Others were getting off the bus, shopping being passed in bags, and a general discussion about who should carry what ensued.  I added to the confusion by trying to hold a conversation in Italian with one and English with another.

I'm sure, with a little imagination, some comedy script could evolve from days such as this.

I resisted the temptation to call out that it was time for a cuppa, and am glad because as I turned back from the balcony I saw immediately which areas of the painting needed to be altered a little.

I think it was the break in concentration that allowed me to see again.

Today I am grateful for curiousity. 


Sarah said...

And friends!

Anonymous said...

I justed loved reading that and could see it all unfold .Thank You ca