29 May 2012

and today...

Hardly a visitor to the exhibition, I could have stayed home.  But the folks doing a presentation in the space this evening have been coming and going, turning my lights on and off, and when they eventually left with (like all the others) the screen up in front of the artworks and the projector lights running I rebelled and shifted the screen.  I had visitors to the exhibition due, and the presentation was still two hours away.  Enough, I say, no matter how polite you are, how much you excuse yourselves, right now it is Legato's space!

I think I am getting grumpy in my old age!

I have been painting more little poppy pics, and think that some of them are quite delicate.  I am painting some with the sun shining through them.  I forgot to photograph them before I locked them away.  Tomorrow... there's always tomorrow.


And then... at the presentation this evening the first thing they did was read out the title and themes of the exhibition so everyone there was aware of the work and its message. I am much less grumpy now, even though I would love to go home and they are still busy with the presentation.

And I had two very important guests to the exhibition (in terms of working together for future exhibitions and the peace project) after I posted earlier, so it has been a very worthwhile day.

Today I am grateful for smiling faces.  


Nicola said...

Ah, those hours in the biblioteca are mounting up... but so are your poppy paintings!

Helen said...

Happy smiling poppies that's what you have been working on. I can't be the only one who smiles when they see those wee red faces.