13 May 2012

mother's day, painting day

Still plugging along with this one... I need to work more on the grasses, trying to keep them reasonably abstract, and then differentiate between foreground and middle ground a bit more.

I have been working on the trees and hedges, but need to make a clear decision about how much detail I want in the middle ground.  Apart from the abbey and the castle, the background is as good as finished - ummm... almost!  (Photographed in different light a few hours and a bit of working apart. In the lower one the camera is picking up one particular paint mix making the stalks look lighter than they are. It is also greener than it looks on my computer screen). Let's see what tomorrow brings, I am starting to make mistakes I think.

I forgot to count the hours today, so I am guessing at another six or seven, I started before 10 am, it's now nearly 8 pm but I did have some down time in there.  That puts it up to at least 20 hours so far...

Today I am grateful for Legato paintings delivered to me.  

1 comment:

Helen said...

It is really looking alive. I am now waiting to see how the castle and the abbey will fit into the overall scene.