12 May 2012

pushing the zones

Recently I shared on FB someone else's quote suggesting that "life begins at the end of your comfort zone" (Neale Donald Walsch). These days I seem to be having so many of those moments that I am hoping that I am not a cat, for surely each of my nine lives must have expired by now!

I had a lovely day really.  I arrived early in Cassino, and managed to find FREE parking in the SHADE right next to the Comune.  So to steady my nerves I had a late second breakfast, then went up to experience my first conferenza stampa.  I was expecting to be called to speak, and sat in the second row.  I was unexpectedly called up to take my place on the panel, and then the first speaker immediately handed over to me.  Yikes!  How much should I say? Why did I leave my notes in my handbag back on the chair? But despite the wobble in my voice I think it went OK, although I will admit to having had two coffees this morning to try to help my Italian!

Then lunch with dear friends, and while I was enjoying some heated debate about the pros and cons of life in Italy my phone rang, with an "are you still in Cassino? There are three New Zealanders at ..... come now!"  Well, after the cup of tea I wandered along, playing Italy time.  There at the restaurant, wondering what to expect, were three lovely Kiwis, dairy farmers from Southland.

Somewhat bemused at having a Kiwi appear on command, they trusted me enough to hop in and off we went, a mini battlefield tour, then out to Roccasecca for a few more things that the average tourist doesn't find.  I really do enjoy sharing this part of Italy - particularly with people who are not expecting it!  We had a lovely afternoon, I talked far too much, and I dropped them back at their hotel not tooooo late (I was home before midnight).

So all in all, what a lovely day!  No painting, but heck, sometimes you just go with the flow...

Today I am grateful for lovely Kiwi visitors.  

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