9 May 2012

this morning, wednesday

This was another two hours, up to here, making it eleven so far.  I have been working from a winter photo of the mountains, and looking out the window to the valley below to create the valley floor.  I have had to "warm up" the mountains as it is late spring when the poppies are here.   

I have glazed the mountains twice, have blocked in distant trees and begun to work on the cultivated land.  The green around the poppies is just blocked in, still a long way to go.  The yellow and white flowers will also be poppies, just a little further back from the main ones and behind grassy brush strokes.   

More later I hope... 

Another hour before I had to leave it, so 12 hours so far.  I have established my darkest dark in the foreground, so now I have a reference point for all the tonal values.  I want this picture to be a happy one, a contrast to the starkness of the previous four, so not too dark in the foreground.  

And that's it for today folks, my eyes have had enough!

Today I am grateful for relaxation. 

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