17 May 2012

all set to go

Tonight the artists who have taken forever to deliver their work got lost trying to find me.  The phone calls were so frustrating, and I was fast becoming impatient. Why didn't they listen to my original instructions?

I had been standing out on the road, sitting in the boot of the car, wandering up and down, for almost 40 minutes when they finally got to me.  I was "hopping mad" until I saw their poor stressed faces. Instead of voicing my frustrations (apart from anything else I was now over 30 minutes late for my next appointment) I suddenly put myself in their shoes and gave them each a big hug.

The work they delivered was well worth the wait.  It is going to add a real zing to the show.  I hope they make it to the opening on Sunday.

Today I am grateful for perseverence. 


Helen said...

Good management skills Kay

Jackerd said...

being an artist (and curator) is a hard, hard life !!