14 May 2012

done but not varnished

Not varnished because all the little things that take it from a good painting to a painting to be proud of are still niggling at me.  It will be tomorrow morning, unless I get an energy burst tonight.  

I would approach it differently if I were to paint this again.  But I think I have achieved the effect that I was looking for.  The critic in me wont be silenced, but the pragmatic me says I have done enough.  It is a large work and I could go on improving it forever.

It's time to sleep on it... or at least sign it and leave it alone for a bit.   It's now up to approximately 25 hours,   plus all the thinking time, and there are may be another four or five hours to go.  This has been a good week's work :-)

In the meantime a little watercolour is waiting so patiently for my attention.

Today I am grateful for cups of tea.

1 comment:

Helen said...

This piece will display so well at Legato 2012. Best wishes for another successful exhibition under the Legato banner. Opening day 17 May :) Wow!