25 May 2012

coming alive

I wonder if it is a part of human nature that we like or need to belong? One on his/her own is OK, but together we can achieve more.

Occasionally I dream of opting out of all that I try to do, to live a peaceful and simple life.  But the reality is that life isn't quite like that for me.  Yesterday I met a lovely couple who also care about making a difference.  Later in the day I met a water colour artist from Rome, and we were able to talk about "real things" like paint and paper supplies, techniques, and exhibitions.  It was uplifting, exciting.

And today I have met some people from Il Comitato "Se Non Ora Quando" di Cassino, "If not now, when?"  This is a women's group outside politics of council and state who are working for equality and dignity for women, and fighting the debasement of women in sexy advertising, abuse and exploitation.  I've never been an ardent feminist, but to find a group like this in Italy is wonderful.  I will be at their next event.

I think my adventures in Italy are only just beginning; language study, here I come!

Today I am grateful for bits and pieces.

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helen said...

What a great story, and your day had hardly begun! What next?