26 May 2012

uh oh!

Well, how about that!  This morning about 70 school students aged from 13 to 15 visited Legato.  For a moment there I was young and in the classroom again.  It must have been energy that they generated, rather a special time.  Now I understand the teachers who say that teaching keeps them young :-)

No, not tempted to go back into the classroom though.  Once the students had gone I was happy to retreat to my writing, wishing that I could just put the kettle on and have a nice cuppa...

Today I am grateful for the visiting Cassino artists. 


Nicola said...

If you hadn't spent years as a teacher that sight would be TERRIFYING!

Kay said...

Hahahaha you are probably right!

I was told the other day that I have the courage of a lion (that was after trying to give my speech in two languages). I still haven't quite decided whether it was a compliment or not!