14 May 2012

i haven't read the book

...but I loved this review of it!  On Beatties Book Blog.

On Saturday I trained up to Roma to a gathering of ex-pat authors and apps writers, brought together by the publisher of some of the books and The Beehive, a delightful art-filled hotel near Termini station. Check out The Beehive's blog for tips about travelling in Roma.  I learnt of the occasion via one of my favourite blog authors, who, much to my delight, I met on the day.

Anyway, the garden was jam packed with writers, mostly American women, so this little claustrophic Kiwi was very grateful to find a lone English accent in there and after some total immersion in ex-pat America she soaked up conversation with a wonderful young woman who is teaching her way around Italy.  (Oh to be young again?)

Anyway, I now have some new blogs to follow, and plenty to think about if I am to become a published author in my own right (and not "just a co-author or editor" - still being very proud of both of those things).

Check this out:  soooo true!  From another blogger (or two), about being an ex-pat in Italy.

Today I am grateful for progress with my painting.

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