26 June 2008

picture this...

Never a camera when you need one!

Today is hot, 37 degrees when I set out to meet the train. I started my car and pulled out to turn around. A large covered truck parked in the roadway blocked my view. I nosed out cautiously, ready to turn in the narrow street. A shiny, black, fast, interestingly shaped BMW sports car zoomed up the road. It had to brake a little when it came around the big truck and saw me. I paused, not actually in its pathway, and wondered what its acceleration rate was as it shot away.

I turned cautiously, not in any hurry. I meandered across to my side of the road (as we locals do) and drove steadily at around 50kph. We are on a mountainside on a narrow road, remember. With cars parked erratically it is essentially a one way street in parts. Cats, dogs, pedestrians share the road, but not in searing siesta time heat. I wondered how far ahead the menacing black creature had got, then put it out of my mind.

When I came around a particularly dangerous bend about 1 km along there it was. I could feel the impatient vibes emanating from the car. Ahead of it was a tractor and trailer, piled high with huge round hay bales, in no hurry to get to its destination and with nowhere it could possibly pull over to let traffic pass.

I smiled complacently for the next kilometer as we pottered along. There was something quite delightful about the shining hay bales towering over the sinister black shining machine. I wished I had my camera, but I don't take it with me in these temperatures when I don't expect to need it.

As we got further along the impatient vibes seemed to disappear. The two men in the car seemed to be relaxing and enjoying their conversation. When I turned off the road to go down the hill they stayed behind the tractor, not taking a detour to overtake it as they might have done.

Yes, there really is something special about this place.

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