24 June 2008

officially hot...

The news is full of cautions and advice about how to keep safe in the heat.

Zacchi and I were a little late walking this morning, got home at 9am, and he was panting as much as I was melting. No more late walks for us! 5.30am or not at all.

There is a brief period in the day when I can open the windows to let some air in, then all must be closed and shuttered to keep the house cool. Friends in newer houses swelter; we ancient ones bless our thick rock walls and stay inside.

Oddly enough I get more work done in this weather, there is no option but to stay inside and read or paint. I like it. A lot.

The downside is this computer magnet... I have work to do for another website, then I must walk away, walk away...

Ieri sera (yesterday evening) I played with a little watercolour, about 12"x4". It wasn't particularly satisfying, I hadn't put much thought into it, but it was a diversion and about all I could manage after varnishing paintings in the heat. This morning it looked pretty good. Certainly worth finishing. I think I will paint one a day as long as the heat lasts. Tiny, unimportant, good skill revision. Yes, a good idea. Keep me accountable, will you?

Music, action, but first a cool shower!

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