21 June 2008

I can do posh sometimes...

The other day I was called (for the second time in a year) "a bloody dag".

I'm not sure how to react to that. I am sure the writer meant it as a term of endearment. I have always thought that you had to be funny to be a "dag". I don't think I am amusing, quite the opposite sometimes. But it certainly reminded me that I am a Kiwi.

Or not?

Oh dear, perhaps I am becoming too used to being "bella".

Another email wrote about a woman being "a hoot" with "a plum in her mouth" and always shrieking with laughter. I like the sound of her, plum or no plum. I think I am the only woman in this village who laughs out loud.

Makes you stop and think though, about the language we use. I can do "plum", maybe even be "a bit of a dag". But I've never been brave enough to be "a hoot". It sounds like fun, living life with rich humour and enthusiasm!

I love words, I love writing, and love editing. It is studying I seem to be allergic to at the moment.

Note to myself: no more gelato until you have studied for an hour a day for at least three weeks...

Yeah right! You're a bloody dag, you are!

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