28 June 2008

on efficiency...

I have never really been an appointments diary person.
I used to be a list person.
I was a write-it-on-the-calendar person.
I was a notes-to-myself person.
I was most certainly a year planner person.

I went back into the classroom. I became a plan-book-person with whiteboards-and-noticeboards-at-home-and-at-school person.

In times of huge busy-ness and overloaded-brain-ness I pinned urgent notes to the curtain above the kitchen sink.

I became an RTLB and I had to carry an appointment diary into my schools. I was a diary and year planner person who occasionally made ambitious lists for out of work hours.

I have been guilty of writing "hang washing out" and "get washing in" in my darker days purely so I had the satisfaction of crossing them off the list. If you have been there, you will understand.

Out of that location and with no real routine I don't have noticeboards, whiteboards, year planners at my disposal. I am compelled to use a diary. I write on calenders.

The problem is, I just never remember to look at them!

Grazie for the internet. I have downloaded monthly charts and made myself a year planner. It sits on the unit between my bed and the door. Sometimes I even remember to look at it.

It gives me just a tiny little feeling that my life is getting back into some kind of order. I have, just fleetingly, moments of efficiency bordering dangerously on control.

I wont get too excited though; who wants a life that is orderly and controlled? If I did, I shouldn't have moved to Italy!

Today's list:

Exercise Zacchi and his owner.
Eat again.
Eat again.
Rest without guilt.
Paint again.
Walk and chat.
Eat again.
Meander up to the piazza and wait with the locals for the cool breeze that comes from the coast around 10.30pm.

If I achieve all of those things I think I can call myself efficient... with "ample sufficiency thereof".

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Kay said...

Mmmm... and if I add going out to dinner and not getting home until nearly 3am does that make it doing overtime? People-watching on a Saturday night in a piazza in Cassino in the company of members of a British Territorial Army Unit means I did overtime, so no list for Sunday... possibly no post, either! Now to sleep...