5 June 2008

experimenting in waterbased mixed media

Dear Flossie,
for better or worse here is the photo I promised...

I have worked on the foreground more since this photograph but am still not happy with it.

I don't like the "fussiness" of this style.

In real viewing (as in real life) the poppies glow more than they do here.

Still to find the solution for finishing glazes and varnishes.

This practice "sketch" has already found a home, but it will be going out cheaply and unsigned. Grrr... I hate work that is less than my best going out. I have a sneaking feeling that I will wake up one morning and simply "attack it" with vigorous strokes and change it completely... in fact, it might be tomorrow morning!

I was reading about hard times coming up for artists... no more complaints from me about commission work!


Sarah said...

Me! Me! I'm Flossie.
It's beautiful.
They glow on screen so it must just be amazing IRL.
I love it.

Hard times for artists?
How so?
What'd you read?

Kay said...

From blog of Sophia Elise, NZ artist:

I was very sad this week to learn of another gallery closing. The Back Street Art Gallery in Whangaparoa has closed its doors. I collected several of my pieces from there today. They are now listed on my art for sale blog http://www.sophiaelise-art.blogspot.com/ so please take a look.

Is this a sign of the difficult economy - artists struggling to sell their art - with the rising costs of petrol food, power etc - it certainly is really becoming a luxury item for the wealthy. That's not what art should be - art should be for everyone to enjoy - it enriches our lives irrespective of income and the wider community benefits from the postitive flow on from creativity ....