7 June 2008

down the hall on a (friday) night...

There was laughter, music, dancing, and food, food, food...

It was very reminiscent of New Zealand in the 1960's, except that the dinner was "sit-down" and many many courses, and there was more singing. It was the "oldies" who made the most noise!!!

Between courses there was endless singing and dancing and chatter.

Antipasto (enough for a full meal)
Four very different meats (served on the same plate and with French fries)
Macedonia (fresh fruit salad).

I knew all the tunes, but not the words. My toes tapped as I ate. My feet wanted to dance, and did just briefly, with my Italian family and another new female friend. Women danced and their husbands chatted. Some couples were fabulous dancers, I looked on in envy.

I was thrilled to see so many women there, all having a thoroughly good time. It has been hard to find women of my age here, they are at work or at home, never out where I can meet them.

I left after midnight, the music had become too loud for conversation. And yes, it was the over - 70s who were responsible for that!

Italians really do know how to celebrate.

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