22 June 2008

finished...or almost

Although this is a watercolour it is on 640gsm rough cold press and I have sanded the surface a few times so it looks as though it is on canvas. I much prefer my smooth hot press 300gsm, can't wait to get Sabina working on that!

In real life this glows, but I don't like the solidity of the poppies. I wont be painting like this again...

Another frustrating one, these three (and one other) were all experimental and I can't say that I have really enjoyed them. I am certainly remembering why I moved away from landscapes and "chocolatebox" paintings in the first place. Unfortunately for me it is what people are asking for here.

On the upside of things, I am enjoying the portraits much more, studying other artists a bit and getting bolder and braver with how I approach the paintings. Soon I will be bold enough to insist that I take the photos to work from, with my own lighting. For now people are handing me favourite photos, not the best for poses and lighting.

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