18 June 2008

the funny little things...

It's odd what things give me pleasure.

While "camping" across the road I did a lot of washing for the owner who is seldom there long enough to get all the linen up to date. The last time she was here it rained and rained. I enjoyed being a secret helper. Call me peculiar if you like, but I have always liked washing flapping out in the sunshine.

The balcony with the clothesline is high above the road.

The first day I cautiously pegged the towels to the wire closest to the railing. I didn't dare to look down, although I love being "up".

Each day I was a little braver.

This morning I cheerfully leaned out to peg a heavy towel on the far wire, the balcony rail cutting into me as I stretched out over the road. I thought how far I had come! Almost a real Italian mamma.

But not quite.

I remember walking through the next village once when a wet white missile landed on the road near me. I looked at it, then looked up. The rather embarassed owner of the underwear called her apologies. I tried once to throw them up to her, then folded them neatly against the building and moved on.

No matter how hard I think about it, there is absolutely no way I will be hanging my underwear up there for all the world to see.



Sarah said...

Okay. I'll hang it for you.

Kay said...

brat! I'll have to buy some pretty pink stuff first...

I wonder what recycled ladies wear these days? mmmm.... must do some research!