23 June 2008

monday morning


Last one of the four, not my kind of painting but it works... in some way!

In this one I ignored composition "rules" and let nature take over, as tends to happen here (read that how you choose...) so of course there are parts I like and don't like, as in everything! Actually, come to think about it, I have probably broken every composition rule... now if only I could extend THAT to the rest of my life here...

Photographing paintings reminds me that I do like to work in glazes, be it water colour washes or many layers of scumbling in oil or acrylic. With all three media it is possible to glaze and to scumble, and in these four experimental works I think I have far too many different techniques competing.

I believe that whatever paint you put down as a foundation does influence the work; nothing is ever completely covered. Occasionally a photograph seems to pick up the layers below, not the surface seen by the naked eye.

After a few days away from these works I will look at them more objectively I hope, make some last adjustments, then glaze them to unify them a little more. A final varnish, and then I think a swim in a pool for the artist to wash them out of my system!

These unframed works complete the more affordable "bits and pieces" for a very local solo exhibition in an ancient oil pressing room in Caprile in July.

What have I learnt from this series of paintings? I have reaffirmed that I am a purist when it comes to painting technique. Shortcuts bug me, working to a deadline isn't always good (although essential sometimes) and I work best when I am completely at peace or absolutely "hopping mad". Seeing I no longer get "hoppng mad" I will just have to keep the music playing, the dog content, and potter along happily and peacefully using time-consuming but satisfying techniques.

And now, between portraits, I can work on the next series for the August/September exhibition at La Locanda del Castello, where it will be another group show. This work I am really looking forward to... it will be different, preparing for it involving more angst, more intellect, more what I want to do. Watch this space!

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