29 June 2008

next stage

I have blocked in a multi-layered background and worked a little more on the eyes and hair. The next stage will be to paint the suit, shirt and tie, and then adjust the background colour again. It is a little too dark I think. I will need to adjust his shoulders for a more natural look. In the photograph I was given he is relaxed and sitting at an angle that does not transfer well to the portrait position.

I am using a very limited palette and aiming for overall unity. I think I preferred the more purple shadow colour I originally anchored the portrait with, and might revisit that again. However, in my mind I see this gentleman as being more in the ochre to green range of colours, and wonder why I think this. Perhaps he was wearing a suit in those hues when I first met him.

I know I have a good likeness as visiting friends recognised him instantly.

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