9 October 2013


Dispatches is an interesting word. It came to mind as I sat at the computer, wondering which of the many things I had in mind I should write about.

I was thinking about "mentioned in dispatches", as a wounded soldier might have been after some valiant action. Living here, soldiers are always on my mind. But news items need not be about war, and not all battles are bloody ones.

The trooper I want to mention today is the determined, unstoppable, amazing daughter who ran a half marathon last weekend, cheering her 'first timer reluctant runner' friend on to the end, after being told that she should not run because of injuries she had sustained during another amazing feat of courage and strength eight months ago. In that instance she was the star of her hospital ward, a real superstar. And now, not yet fully recovered, to run a half marathon with no training runs is pretty amazing.

I'm a little afraid to ask how her injuries are, but the smile on her face in this morning's photo is reassuring. I take my hat off to her. Time and time again.

A very dear friend, before she left us, insisted that I write to all of my children to tell them all the things I love and value about them. If I started to do that I would be at this computer for weeks on end.

Do we need to use words to pass on how we feel? Or can some things be left unsaid, intuitively read, shared with love and telepathy?

Today I am grateful for a healthy family. 


Teacake said...

Most of the time, I don't think we can presume to know what another person is feeling or thinking.

A few well-chosen words can change a person's day, maybe even contribute to the way the feel about themselves, and cost nothing. Why not be generous with them?

Here are just a few for you: I love your thoughtfulness, your gentleness, and your creativity. Whether via words, photographs, or paintings, I like seeing scenery through your eyes.

T :-)

Teacake said...

Oh and your sense of place! I love your groundedness in where you grew up, and I admire your immersion in and appreciation of a foreign language and culture. T :-)

Kay said...


I think I am afraid of leaving something unsaid, should I begin.

But I will try.

Ti abbraccio, Teacake <3