21 October 2013

wet paint and eaten alive

The tiniest mozzies that I can't see are eating me alive upstairs. I had to beat a retreat and spray, because I can't work with the doors closed (we complain about the temperature dropping, but it is still about 28°C up there!) and I am using turps so the fumes are unhealthy (not drinking it today, and my throat is much better). In case you are a painter, remember that inhaling turpentine fumes can contribute to depression.

So here is some wet paint; you will see that I am playing with the placement of several figures to bring a brighter future for "my" ancient arch. After that, and once I am happy with the water, I will give the arch itself some more attention and detail.

Yesterday a walk with an archeologist (the event I had to miss) brought a group of around fifty to the arch, so good to see. We are making progress with the awareness campaign. Time for my painting to be finished and delivered, (who knows where to, the town hall, perhaps?) and then on with the next project. This one has gathered momentum and will not be allowed to fade into a distant memory or list of "it would have been nice if..." events.

Today I am grateful for beautiful weather. 

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Sarah said...

That water looks SO GOOD!!!!