20 October 2013

oops, i didn't wait...

(I have just noticed that when I posted the same photo on my artist page on FB the image is more accurate - or in tune with my eye - on FaceBook. How can that be? On the blog I get a much more raw image, as though the camera sees more depth than intended). 

I decided that student will be much better off with a series of photos that she can refer to... my excuse to carry on! The top one is a more accurate photograph of colour, at least on my computer monitor. The bottom one is how it is now. 

Teaching point between these and the last post is tonal value, and I printed these out in greyscale to illustrate the point. Using grey scale is a powerful way of seeing where you can make changes. 

Now to finish the arch painting. I opted out of a history walk around Aquino this morning, my head is too full to be able to sort out too much rapid Italian today. I think that makes it appropriate that I finish the arch painting - after more coffee! 

Serenity rules, it is Sunday after all. 

Today I am grateful for birdsong.

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