30 September 2013


I am enjoying some calm in the midst of confusion.

I am playing hooky from housework.

I am in a good space.

The word "lekker" springs to mind. I like that. I like that my life is so rich and varied that when something is not quite the ordinary my mind can grab a word from "nowhere" and slot it into the gap.

I look at what I have fitted into my day, and I am grateful that I am well, mobile, and... well... while lekker is not the most appropriate word to describe how I am, (or is it???) I am grateful that my life is full of occasions where words like lekker ARE appropriate.

On Thursday a good friend came to stay for a while. A great friend, knowing how tired I was, drove me to Fiumicino airport rather than have me sleep-drive.

On Friday (miracles do happen) I received my permesso di soggiorno - I'm legal again for two more years! I also visited my favourite church and the archway with guests. It looks like spring there, with all the growth, not autumn going on winter.

Saturday saw me driving;  I visited the 49 peaceful graves of New Zealand soldiers in the Caserta CWGC cemetery. 49 of the poppies I appropriated/intercepted only last week were placed gently, one by one, in front of each headstone.

Today I was at the back of a crowd at the "re opening" of Cavendish Road. How different it was today, almost 70 years later, the activity so far removed from the silent and stealthy "opening" in 1944.

Tomorrow I have more guests arriving (I'd better clean up after the last ones!) and no doubt I will be back driving again.

But now it is two minutes until pumpkin time. I was going to write a philosophical post, but my eyes are closing rapidly. It has been a long day, but the culprit really was last night... the company was entertaining, the songs were good ones, and the food... ah the food (Indonesian this time, Indian last time), well it was simply lekker!

Today I am grateful for true friends.

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nicola said...

Pumpkin time. That makes me hungry...