14 October 2013

which path does one choose?

Near Rome, yesterday. This is just a small piece of the giant pathway pattern in the sky. It gives going for a Sunday drive a new meaning, if you are able to transpose drive and fly. I was driving, so couldn't photograph the best of it. But from the carpark these shots are enough to give you the idea. (No, I am not going to rearrange the last sentence - it's bed time, and if my sentence structure is confused then I am defiantly pleased. It means that despite all my many English speaking visitors this summer some of my Italian has stuck). 

Today I am grateful for skype video messages. 


Di said...

:-) love it. Now for me to get some Italian to stick. I'm a bit mixed up with living in Belgium but wandering in Italy ... 'grazie' seems to come out as my default thank you, no matter which country I'm in.

Kay said...

Si, grazie is almost universal. But at the checkout counter in NZ I do get the odd second glance when it slips out there.

Oddly enough I always speak to my dogs in Italian, even when I have a house full of Kiwis. I guess unconsciously I must think of them as being Italian dogs... :-)

15 October 2013 21:29