18 October 2013

but today

I'm in love again. I can't keep denying it, beating about the bush, pretending it's not true.

I am a watercolourist.

I paint in acrylics, mixed media, oil. I draw with colour, with pencil, with contè. I paint murals, portraits, frescoes. I like that no painting is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated. I like the challenge each one brings. I also like matching the medium to the subject. I love each one at the time, I am fickle. But (in the studio) I am happiest when all is calm and serene about me and I am alone with my watercolours.

Today I might (but probably wont) give away my acrylics for once and for all. And when that painting of the arch is complete - remember that painting? Untouched as the summer flooded me with guests - will I ever need oils again? I can minimalise, at least!

In my head are many oil paintings, and mixed media book illustrations. It's a cluttered place, the right side of my brain. But here, to share my autumn sunshine, are my current favourite things:

Today I am grateful for choices. 

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