25 October 2013

progress of sorts

The painting is coming together, but not at the level of expert finishing that I would like. I have had to admit that, at least for now, I simply don't have time to take this up to the next level, where I would like it to be. I'd love to turn it into something really special, but I think it must remain at impressionist level (in typical NZ style, not elevated to classical Italian standards - sad face). Time, for now, as my Nan would say, is the enemy.

So here is today's progress. I didn't work on it yesterday, the morning was taken up with a service which I may blog about later.

I have added more people in and tidied up the railings a little. Still not detailed or finished. This section of the painting predicts a less lonely and abandoned future for what was, let me remind you, the first triumphal arch ever built by the Romans, supposedly dedicated to Marc Antonio, (Mark Anthony) and built 30 - 40 BC. 

Whoever gave permission, over 100 years ago, for a paper making factory to be built there, and gave it licence to use the water, to dam and control the flow - while burying most of the arch - consigning this once magnificent survivor of history to the gated back yard of industry, has a lot to answer for! 

This may be the last photo for a while, I can't find my camera battery charger anywhere. Really hoping it didn't accidentally leave with one of the many guests this last little while! Battery charger, please appear from wherever you are hiding! 

Today I am grateful for brilliant blue skies. 

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Sarah said...

Looks great, mum!