12 October 2013

as summer fades

It is already time to look back and wonder where the year went! Autumn is finally here. There are still more guests sceduled for this month and next, despite the change in the weather and a little/lots of rain.

I try to visit new things with my guests, but this year I didn't really manage much that was different. For one guest though, there was a highlight we shared. That was the open day at the dig only a few kilometres (maybe five ks?) from my house. Apologies if I have already shared these, it's been so hectic that I have lost track of many things and need to take stock before I begin posting too many photos.

But this was the big day of the year for a visiting friend who was also an archaeologist, once upon a time.

The dig is of Roman ruins near Aquino, in the territory that is now Castrocielo, literally "just down the road a bit" from casa mia.

 I found the cleaning of the marble fragments fascinating. I wonder how these techniques were ever discovered?

These photos came to mind because two days ago when visiting Aquino with two more Kiwis I noticed that the gates to the dig were open. We went in, and were permitted an unofficial tour provided that we didn't go off the grassy areas. How lucky were we?

Today I am grateful for rule benders. 

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