30 October 2013

home just is

This summer I really have lost count of all my visitors. There were so many, doubling up, squeezing in, and sharing a fair bit of good Italian food and vino. And almost every one of them wanted to know, "Do you miss New Zealand? Don't you miss home? What do you miss most?" 

I don't think the answer was supposed to be "No, I don't miss NZ" or, "But this is my home". I can answer the third one satisfactorily though... (apart from wanting to be nearer to family of course) I miss kumera / kumara (however you choose to spell it). In particular, I miss the purple skinned, yellow fleshed sweet and tasty ones. 

Occasionally - but not often enough - I find a pale version of the sweet potato here. Recently, one of these was beginning to sprout. To the amazement of the vendor, I bought the remains of her bin, despite her warning me that these were finished, no good. 

Little does she know... 

Yes, it's autumn, going into winter. And yes, spring is a long way away and I have these growing way out of season. But even if I don't manage to grow good healthy plants at the right time, just the thought of being able to do so is enough to make me smile! 

My doorstep is getting a little crowded these days. 

Today I am grateful for continued good weather. 


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