1 August 2011

a snippet of my day

I've been ridiculously happy today.

My morning started at 7.30, after that wonderful hour in bed when you know you should get up but really it is such a luxury to snuggle back down. That stolen hour is the most precious.

The dogs are sleeping outside again. My neighbour's parents, who were disturbed by early morning barking telling me that the walkers were out and about, have gone back to Switzerland. Now that I don't have to let the dogs out I can postpone that moment when my feet hit the marble tiles and my day begins.

I have spent from 8am until 7pm cleaning away dust. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. And, oddly enough, I have enjoyed every moment of it. My kitchen is back in order, at least until tomorrow. The doors open wide, and shut when I want them to. The shiny door handle is still a wonder to me. How did I cope for over 4 years without a door handle?

And now, until the light fails completely, I am treating myself to reading in English, Frances Mayes' "Every day in Tuscany". Out on the studio terrace I can hear how the sleepy little village is buzzing.

The last rays of the sun have gone, and Monte Asprano is a looming, rugged ediface against the peach and grey sky.

Cicadas compete with the band down in the valley, and win easily. Children chatter somewhere up in the village. In the day there is hardly a sound, but in the cool of the evening the orchestra of voices covers every note from the delighted squeal of a child to the bass of the men ruminating on life. To my delight I hear a woman laughing out loud. I thought I was the only undisciplined one to do so here. I wonder who she is, and if she is here to stay or only "home" for the summer?

The light has come on up the hill, lighting up the little church built in the cave over 1300 years ago after Archangel Michael appeared to one of the villagers.

The cicadas have quietened and the music from singer and the band down by the station fills the valley and floats up strongly. How beautiful this summer evening is.
I am officially another year older, but inside me I know that I am really another year younger. It happens like that, I am sure, when you are in the right place, being the person you are and doing the work that you are meant to do.

Today I am grateful for small tasks that bring great pleasures.


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