3 August 2011

and now

And now that the plastering is finished, the REAL clean-up begins. I'll be back...


Many hours later... or so it seems, feet aching, tired of a dust mask, most things back in place, it's time for a nice cold beer!

It didn't feel right until there was colour back in the house; now that there is, the minor problem of residual dust goes on tomorrow's list. Enough for today, happy, poorer by a bit more than I had hoped, but all is done!

Today I am grateful for rubber gloves.


Sarah said...

What colour?

Kay said...

Dark red couch out from under plastic, four Sarah Scott originals and three Kay de L originals back on walls. Assorted mats back on floor, bed-covers a brick red, some yellow and green oddments around the kitchen... the rest, well, you'll just have to come and see!