6 August 2011

half a moon

It was enough to make me cut the walk short and come home for the camera. The dogs were most unimpressed. But I have never seen such a moon before.

The moon has been particularly delicate these last few nights, and clearly defined. Tonight as we set out into the sunset I was kicking myself for forgetting that the camera was not in my bag. Never mind, the sunset was beautiful but not more so than usual. The sun was a gorgeous strong pink but quickly disappeared.

And then as I turned to enjoy the valley, I saw the moon.

It was hanging from the sky, seemingly in a most unusual way. It was completely perpendicular to the horizon, and was (at least to my eyes) a perfect half moon.

Just when you think you know what things look like, they change on you! Isn't nature wonderful?


Sarah said...

Eerie and beautiful.

The Artist In Me said...

Absolutely amazing!

I found your blog through Sophie Elise, and thought I would take a look. I like what I see, and will be following.

I admire that you blog almost daily to let your audience know of what is going on in your creative process...a place I am trying to get to. GOD and being tenacious will allow me to get there!!

Thanks, and looking forward to reading more!

Kay said...

Greetings, "Artist In Me" and welcome to my blog. You will find that it is a mix of all sorts of things, mostly written for family and friends, sometimes to keep myself company in an evening, but also covering a little art when I am disciplined! I'd love to blog more about art... but life keeps getting between me and my paint brushes. I am trying to kid myself that this mix gives me some sense of balance...