9 September 2012


I moved something in my "pantry" and there, neatly tucked in with cooking ingredients, was the stash of chocolate I couldn't find some time ago.

I knew I hadn't eaten it, Jackerd!   Ye of little faith...

Today I am grateful for ethical products. 


Jackerd said...

would it not have been better if you had eat it instead of "I forgot where I have left my chocolate"

Kay said...

No, because I survived back then and I still have chocolate to look forward to... at least for another 24 hours!

And I feel vindicated, as I was as sure that I had NOT eaten it as you were sure that I HAD!


Sarah said...

Well....to be fair to Jackerd...you DO know how to eat some chocolate, mamma! The only one who knows how to eat it more is me!