22 September 2012

busy times

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. So much to say, so little time to process the ideas.

I am just in from cleaning the area where Zacchi and Pickle sleep. Unfortunately it is below my neighbour's kitchen window and there is a supply of cigarette butts, lemon halves and a bit of other rubbish that comes my way far too regularly.  I went out to attack the mess, pulling on rubber gloves as I exited the door. Two little doggies fled... Zacchi down into the garden, and Pickle into Zacchi's open and easily accessible house.  As I reached for the second glove Piccolina did a very swift shift into her own house, thinking that she couldn't be seen or reached behind her curtain.

Their reaction was so predictable I was almost waiting for it, but this time they had nothing to fear.  It was not bathtime, treatment time, look for ticks time... not even brush time.  Just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

When guests come I have the slightly embarassing task of explaining that the buckets of wine bottles down below are not actually my weekly output, but a collection of bottles left by visitors happy to find a perfectly acceptable quality wine at less than 2 euros a bottle. I am saving these to build a wall around my property.  Not a glass one like these in this link, but simply to recycle the bottles inside a cement and wire casing to add some bulk to what would otherwise be a terribly expensive project.

While it is frustrating not being able to develop this place at the speed I would like, I do like having the time to reflect on all the options available to me.

My wall would be "faced" with split stone up near the house, more or less matching my wonderful folly, my steps down into the garden. Further down the terraces can simply have concrete and the occasional rock showing, as I will plant more ficchi d'India there for extra security and lots of fruit. (prickly pear).

I feel the urge to write a serious post on some of the issues I have been reading about and posting on FB.  Maybe that will come later, for now I have more domestic things to attend to.  This post is simply to check in, and I wanted to save the link to the recycled housing, particularly as it mentions the wonderful public loo in Kawakawa, New Zealand, designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. That's always a compulsory stop for me, whether mother nature decrees it or not!

Today I am grateful for


Helen said...

Now that sounds to be a great project in the making and I think the end result would be perfect for your garden. I'll help you build it!!

Jackerd said...

We can save up our botlles, although they are not that colorful, you could build a big, big wall in a short while.

(and it gives me another excuse to drink)

Feijoa said...

I thought you WERE doing a colourful hippie wall. ):

Kay said...

I somehow doubt it would fit the historical conservation society's plans for this ancient village. Some nosy, moisy tourist would be bound to complain... but maybe down where only the doggies go...