12 September 2012

finiculi finicula...

At ten past one tomorrow morning (that is, in about two hours) I will be collecting a friend from the station.  Tomorrow morning at 10 to 8 I will be heading back to the station with another friend.  I need a finicular between casa mia and la stazione.

I am relocating upstairs again, as it is now cool enough to sleep in my favourite bed where no visitors are allowed.  As I cleaned out the room I am vacating in preparation for the new visitor I discovered...

wait for it...

in the bedside table drawer is

ANOTHER chocolate stash!

It almost makes you want to sing

It's no wonder people have suggested I have lost some weight! I've gone off wine and I can't remember where I hide the chocolate!

However, there's plenty of time, with a cuppa, before that train arrives, to devour a few calories!

Today I am grateful for lost things found. 

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