2 September 2012

for my absent friend, I missed you there tonight

so I took a leaf from your book, closed my eyes, and floated away on the music...

A golden flute for Feijoa (sorry I don't know the flautist's name) 

For my incredulous friend, yes, the kids are still out at concerts at 11pm, growing up with the best of music and not knowing how privileged they are.  I am still torn between finding them a distraction and marvelling at how lucky they are.  This little one directly in front of me was perfectly behaved, and the one behind the music stand was as well behaved as an energetic little one could be, although rather distracting at times.

 I'm becoming used to seeing golden flutes (and I do think they sound sweeter) but this one was silver... the performance was outstanding, the finish was sensational, although it was not really my prefered type of music.

And somewhere in this picture is Tania Di Giorgio again, singing my favourite O Mio Babbino Caro (Oh My Beloved Father).  Despite the rather sad story behind the song, it never fails to lift me to a wonderful space!

Today I am grateful for my wonderful life here in Italy.  

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