7 September 2012

new to the world and to me

I had a few nights away, and in my ensuite was a strange item ignored by the cleaner and obviously forgotten when I was allotted my room.  I guessed that the slightly irregular and rough coated objects on coarse sand with pen markings on them were eggs, but I didn't know what type, until, on the third morning, one had flipped over and something had begun its great escape.

I had politely not mentioned my strange nocturnal company to my forgetful friend previously, but I thought I should now.

A phonecall to a young boy gave me the instructions... get those squeezy things for eyebrows and break the shell into little pieces.  

OK, guess what was not in my hand bag?  So I did this much with my longish fingernails.  

And when I returned a few hours later, I found this little rascal quite animated and looking for mum and dad.  

I left him where he was to await expert help, but I did take out some celebratory lettuce and shared the good news with ma and pa...each one at least the size of my fist or more.

Today I am grateful for new experiences.

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