12 September 2012

bits 'n' bobs

Little turtle number two arrived six days after her brother.  I wonder if number three will hatch too?  Why is it that you can tell the sex of a tiny tiny turtle as soon as it is born, but kittens can keep it a secret for at least six weeks?

Tiny mosquitoes are far more evil and disruptive to sleep than big noisy ones.

The weather is glorious, my kind of temperature! Sleeveless, sandals, but cool enough for a blanket at night and shoes occasionally. The rain has already transformed the brown hills.

Please excuse any long silences on the blog, I have much to do in the next couple of weeks, visitors and painting.  I am going to have to locate the off button on the computer more often.

Last night I worked on three more fig paintings, but purely as exercises, they wont be masterpieces!

Isn't it just as well we don't know what is around the corner for us? The secret is to approach that corner with optimism rather than fear.

This morning my 14 year old student told me that I am too optimistic, and a little pessimism and cynicism would serve me better.  He is obviously not a foreigner living in this contradictory land - optimism is essential for survival!

Today I am grateful for students of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.


Feijoa said...

On with the important stuff: Have you named the turtles???

Kay said...

The turtles have gone to live in Formia, along with their mum and dad turtles and their owner. I somehow doubt that they will be given names.

I'd like to have turtles too, with names, but Piccolina would probably think that they were slow food crunchy pies...