9 September 2012

bluebirds fly

After our long hot summer we have been treated to a week of rainbows.  This one was last week, photograph taken from the valley looking back to Castello and Monte Asprano.

Rainbows to me represent change.  Somewhere, over the rainbow? And yes, I do own some red shoes, somewhere, and a scruffy little dog :-)

A complete rainbow like this is a tying up of loose ends, a sign that something is complete.  I like this.  It helps me to clarify quite a few things, and it fits with some of the things that have been happening in my life.  I stopped well clear of the intersection, so I am not at a crossroad.  I have already moved on.

I have, a little whimsically, been trying to work out some meaning for the roadside marker which just happens to be in the middle of the picture.  I like metaphor, and this will have meaning if I just give it time.  Does the "pothole" in front of the marker also have meaning?

Today I am grateful for interesting new friendships. 


Sarah said...

I've been meaning to make myself a pair of 'ruby' slippers for the longest time. I think you might have just inspired me to finally pull finger and get some for the winter. Cheap shoes. Glue. Glitter. A clicking, or two, or three.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Still no rainbows here. :(