7 September 2012

luckily the air is fresh and free

I am waiting for a student to arrive, and I think he has forgotten it is Friday or forgotten to let me know that he isn't coming.  Yesterday I had to cancel a painting lesson because I was late back from Rome airport.  Here's hoping I can teach one of them tomorrow as it has been a lean week and other commitments have meant no painting either.

Last week I had a conversation about how, to my Italian friends, I seemed to "live on air".  On a weekly basis I am very frugal, and I have chosen this life style.  (I could always return to NZ and look for "a real job"). I don't think living frugally hurts me, and hopefully the planet is that tiny bit better for it.  But when I do splash out, it is not cheap.  Air tickets and dentist bills can't really be negotiated too much, and I don't think I can trade paintings for dentistry... not yet, anyway!

But, as they say, luckily the air is free, and today it is even a fresh offering, and there is plenty of food in the cupboards.  If the weather keeps cooling off I might even be inspired to cook a meal some day soon!

This week I have been reviewing my financial situation, and wondering what is a realistic budget for 2013.  Balancing NZ and Italian needs takes some careful fine tuning. Yesterday I spoke with someone about a commission I had previously had to turn down when my wrist was too bad.  I hope she gets back to me.  Later today I have to find the courage to investigate another fresco on a ceiling; my love of a challenge has been somewhat dampened by the realities of working at uncomfortable angles up in the heat on scaffolding.  I have left that potential client dangling for too long, so I must at least go and look at the job.

This morning I read a press release (and prologue) for a book written by an American lawyer who traded her busy life to seek the Italian dream.  She got as far as picking grapes for long, painful hours as she struggled to survive.  I guess I am lucky that my day jobs bring me creative satisfaction! Look out for At Least You're in Tuscany being released soon by Gemelli Press. It looks as though it will be delightful :-)

Enough computer, I have some work to do!

Today I am grateful for fresh air and watery sunshine. 

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