4 September 2012

it occurred to me

It occurred to me as I tipped the contents of my handbag out onto my bed that you can read a lot into the contents of a woman's hand bag.

Curious?  I am sure you wont guess anything "right", but this is what was in there:

One very large torch
Two cans of sardines
One camera in a Chinese bag
Two cell phones
Two umbrellas
One Scottish wallet
Two packs of tissues
Several business cards
One pen
Insect repellent
One pair of knickers
Hand sanitizer
20 Euros "lost" in the depths
One hair tie
Sticking plaster.

It's no wonder it was getting heavy.  Also no wonder that I couldn't find my lipstick or toothbrush this morning.

Today I am grateful for long arms. 


Feijoa said...


Kay said...

Yup! And today, just for good measure, I added a can of wasp spray (thanks, good friends, for your spray) and a GPS, my TomTom. It's amazing what you can fit into a "purse" if you need to. (But I had taken the sardines out by then).

Jackerd said...

and still look elegant. The bag i mean ;-))

Les said...

It Must be a big bag!