1 April 2011

pickle update and bits and bobs

Piccolina is now well enough to avoid me even when I try to show her that there is no can of spray, only a treat, in my hands. She joined in the barking last night and kept me awake - what was outside at 4am? They drove me nuts with the noise! Hope the neighbours slept through it all.


Yesterday was an adventure into new territory, discovering ancient places along the way. Photos when I am more awake (this time I promise, I know I have been lazy on the photo side of things lately). The aim of the trip was to go to Raviscanina, where the NZ Divisional Cavalry (senza horses) was based prior to the battle of Cassino, new territory and mountainside villages for me. Dinner with the Kiwi visitor last night, and I have to admit that at 84 she has more stamina than I do! There's a lesson in there somewhere.


Now it's back under the covers, planning today's lesson for the kids who have got please mastered, so now it's thank you time. One word or two? Or shall I throw in a hyphen, just becau(s)e I can? Ummm... should that have been an hyphen?

Today I am grateful for new vistas and birdsong.


Teacake said...

Not sure about the hyphen thing, but I'm certain "because" has an s in it ;-)

Kay said...

Hehehe... so when you fix the stuck W on your keyboard removing the piece of blanket fluff is not all you have to do. Apparenly it pays not to blow the cracker biscuit crumb under the "s" key...

I suspect that my keyboard could tell the story of how GOOD I have been at keeping off my damaged foot! I'm lucky that the soup didn't follow the crumbs :-)