5 April 2011

brava piccolina

Today we went to the vet; kiwi visitor, Piccolina and I.

Piccolina is a super dog! Three skin scrapings, one dose of something, two injections, and not a wince or a whine. I held her muzzle when any of these things were done, and really didn't need to at all.

Looking at the obedient and docile creature on the surgery table you wouldn't recognise the crazy dog who only yesterday was pulling at the lead wanting to chase cats and who is now barking at motorbikes; evidently there is a behaviour for every setting! What a star!

Now to see some improvement in the skin condition... we go back to the vet for more shots in ten days time.

Today I am grateful for my helpful visitor.


Jackerd said...

Three brave lady's !!
We are missing the pictures. . .

N and R said...

Oh Pickle, mucho sympathy. ):