10 April 2011

that's what friends are for...

This morning Zacchi woke me to get help for Piccolina. He ran from her kennel to the door, one bark for her and several for me. He was clearly concerned that she wasn't moving.

I checked on the trembling form at the back of the kennel, but couldn't make her even look at me, let alone coax her out. Yesterday she had seemed strong, but her paws were pink and swelling a little.

I sent out an SOS. Maybe their favourite "dog minder", famous for having pockets full of treats, could coax her out.

Nature, however, intervened first. Yesterday the gate between me and the fountain had been left unlocked,. Zacchi had pushed through and was chasing the neighbour's chooks that stray regularly into the semi-abandoned area between us. The squawking of the hens was enough to rouse Pickle, and when I called Zacchi home Pickle was out of the kennel and about to join the chase.

When our friend arrived I knew ahead of time that he was near the door. Pickle was telling me that the car was on its way and she wanted to be inside the house to greet our visitor. From the moment he came downstairs her tail wagged, and didn't stop until he left. Now, of course, it really has stopped wagging, as only boring old mum who hands out antibiotics, sprays and ointments and has said enough of the sausages until the next medicine time, is left here.

The verdict? Pickle is still strong, is eating well, is demanding and bossy, and so is likely to survive this affliction whatever it is.

The early stages:Alternately too still and reclusive or noisy, demanding, and being the boss, poor Pickle is not photogenic now!

Tomorrow is bath time again, with a focus on getting the scabs off her face. Good friend has volunteered to assist. The test will be to see if their friendship will survive that!
Today I am grateful for the good health of a demanding dog.


Kay said...

And yes, they are still the best of friends despite the bath routine today :-) Cupboard love, I think it's called :-) Piccolina knows where her best treats come from!

Jackerd said...

From Lidl :-)