22 April 2011

waiting with hope

Today Piccolina was positively diagnosed as having the nasty disease we have been dreading. Hopefully, because she still seems very well in many ways, it is only the lesser version. The vet is still very optimistic that she doesn't have the worst case scenario on her hands.

This is the most hopeful thing I have yet found on Google. I have to say that Google prepared me for the absolute worst.
The treatment of leishmaniasis depends on the form of the disease (cutaneous, mucocutaneous, or visceral), and may be in the form of tablets or injections. Cutaneous leishmaniasis sometimes heals on its own and may not require treatment.
So, Easter treats it is for everyone, only no chocolate for dogs so I will have to eat all of that myself. Thanks Jack for the yummy dried fish treats you and C brought for me, but I will be giving those to Pickle... :-)

Oh! You mean they weren't for me? Not even the chocolates are mine? (sto scherzando!)

Today I am grateful for two little dogs.


Teacake said...

Hugs, hugs and more hugs to lovely Pickle and her loving minders, and of course to the wonderful Zacchi.

Love from the three of us, T

Jackerd said...

Like I said: "you have to decide for yourself what treat is yours and what treat you want to share"

Enjoy it.

I have a optimistic feeling about Piccolina