13 April 2011

piccolina update

Pickle greeted me at the door again this morning, looking well but with puffy eyes. She is very happy for me to put ointment in them, and I do wonder if the light bothers her sometimes.

When there is any disturbance at night only Zacchi barks now, and that is a bad sign. Joining the fracas is one of her favourite roles.

She is loving her treats and the antibiotic goes down well in sausage. Zacchi looks quite amazed... Mum was never this generous with tidbits before! Yum!

It's still too hard to say how she is really. We must go back to the vet tomorrow or Friday, or at least on or before 15th.

Today I am grateful for veterinary medicines.

1 comment:

Teacake said...

(((HUGS))) to you and Pickle and Zacchi. I do hope she gets well.