14 April 2011

piccolina again

Well, Zacchi, the yummy treats are all yours. The vet suggested that if it is not the REALLY serious disease I was so worried about, then Piccolina's bad case of hair loss and irritated skin could be an allergic and overly sensitive reaction to a lesser complaint that ails her. And that means a very strict change of diet. For Pickle. At considerable cost, I might add! Soooooo...

Piccolina gets caviar, and Zacchi gets the treats. OK? (Right on, says Zacchi!)

In the meantime, I think back to teaching fourth form girls who insisted on squeezing one another's zits at lunchtime, or cutting off the split ends of their hair in class, (yes, I remember you well!) and I sit and pick at Piccolina's head and neck... Eeewww! The scabs have to come off, and leave the wounds to the air. Zacchi was trying to do this for her two days ago and I stopped him, even though I could see that he was being gentle as he scraped at her face. He knew more than I did.

I finally got back to Italian class today. Travel and then a rather painful foot injury kept me away. It felt so good to be driving without problems (staying in neutral at the traffic lights rather than hovering in gear with foot on the clutch but otherwise managing well) and back into some sort of routine.

Now to be more productive in the studio, and life will be great again!

Today I am grateful for Italian lessons.


Jackerd said...

There is no caviar at Lild

Kay said...

It's so long since I have eaten caviar that it wouldn't be going to Pickle!

Special food is the order for her, and the treats are waiting for when she is well again :-)

Jackerd said...

She could have all my caviar (if i had some)

Kay said...

I forgot, I did have some here! At a wedding. So you can buy it in our little town... not that I like it enough to buy any! Strange stuff, it is! But I do remember which shop it came from if you change your mind and want any... :-)