16 April 2011

man's inhumanity to man

Tonight's hour long performance of La Passione was a powerful yet sobering experience. This video clip is just a tiny sample.
I went to the seaside resort of Sperlonga with friends to see The Passion of Christ. This was enacted on the beachfront hillside amongst the ruins of Roman villas, where Emperor Tiberius and other wealthy Romans had villas by the sea. Tiberius was the emperor when Christ was crucified.
Although I couldn't see this in the dark, these ruins extend out into the water.

It was a very emotional performance, and more than once I felt young eyes on me - was it to avoid crying, or to see if I was shedding a tear? The children were visibly moved, and like me had very little to say at the end of the performance. What a rich environment these children are growing up in.

(If someone can tell me how to upload a 7 minute video I will put it on here).

Today I am grateful for friendship.

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nicola said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome event.