12 April 2011

so who was a clever girl then?

Washing and putting away all her winter clothes? This is the forecast for later in the week: AWFUL!

The sun and spring weather has been wonderful; may it reappear again soon!

Just how many "stings in the tail" can one winter have?

Today I am grateful for clean warm clothes.


Teacake said...

Mi rifiuto di crederlo! Non e possibile en la mia bella Italia, dov'e' sempre sereno. E' Photoshop.

Jackerd said...

It's even worse:
From today until April 17 / Showers and thunderstorms
April 18 to April 20 / Rare rainfall, sunshine, milder climate
April 21 until Easter / again unstable and fresher!
I'm back into my hibernation.

(my compliments T├Ędolce for your comment in Italian)

Teacake said...

Grazie! Sto imparando a parlare italiano, pero' pian piano :-)

But I have to use English to say: stay warm and dry, and enjoy the sound of the rain when it comes.