30 March 2011

an example to follow

I know that my dad is an amazing guy. At 90 he is planning to compete in Sacramento at the World Masters Athletics. Now in a new age bracket there are a few more races he can claim. Today, however, I think I met his equal.

I had already done a few jobs and was on my second or third tea break when the phone rang. It was a Kiwi I had met at Legato in NZ. She was in Cassino, at her hotel, and her driver had disappeared back to Rome instead of taking her out and about as she had expected him to. No problem, I'll be there within the hour I said, and hastily put the washing out and tidied myself up.

Thank goodness I had picked up the car this morning. Poor lady, she must be exhausted and confused I thought, and hurried in to Cassino. There she was, waiting for me, a bundle of energy exuding strength and confidence. So what, you ask?

She is 84 and had flown unaccompanied from New Zealand to Rome. She had arrived only this morning and was in great shape. She had more staying power than I had, and dived into my books and maps of the Battle of Cassino, searching the photographs on the off chance that one of her late husband was there. He had been unable to return to Cassino because of health problems, so she had come to make his prilgimage for him.

We are made of strong stuff, we Kiwi women.

Today I am grateful for my freedom.

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Teacake said...

Wow, she's awesome (and a model for the rest of us)!